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Led Wall Light

Vanity Light Column Led Wall And Ceiling Lights Series Zentem


Following the footsteps of column linear pendant, this elegant and ultra-thin dressing table fixture will deliver natural, glare-free light in three sizes.


• Power: 15W / 25W / 30W

• Input Voltage: 120-277VAC 50/60Hz

• Dimming: TRIAC/ELV/0-10V dimmable

• LED Color Temperature: 3000K/4000K

• Color Rendering Index: 90CRI


• The outer casing and the heat sink are made of aluminum alloy material

• Evenly bright diffuse light

• Available in two finish options: matte white and polished chrome

• The hardware is sprayed at 130 degrees, which is resistant to friction and strong adhesion.

• Can be installed vertically or horizontally, mainly on walls or ceilings

• The power drive is located inside the back of the lamp

• Damp location rated

Product CodeColour TemperatureCRIWattsVoltageDimensionsColour And Finish
COVA-18PC-1530-27063000K9015W120-277VAC 50/60HzL44.6×W16.8×H6.5cmPolished Chrome
COVA-18PC-1540-27064000K9015W120-277VAC 50/60HzL44.6×W16.8×H6.5cmPolished Chrome
COVA-18WH-1530-27063000K9015W120-277VAC 50/60HzL44.6×W16.8×H6.5cmMatte White
COVA-18WH-1540-27064000K9015W120-277VAC 50/60HzL44.6×W16.8×H6.5cmMatte White
COVA-28PC-2530-27063000K9025W120-277VAC 50/60HzL71.4×W16.8×H6.5cmPolished Chrome
COVA-28PC-2540-27064000K9025W120-277VAC 50/60HzL71.4×W16.8×H6.5cmPolished Chrome
COVA-28WH-2530-27063000K9025W120-277VAC 50/60HzL71.4×W16.8×H6.5cmMatte White
COVA-28WH-2540-27064000K9025W120-277VAC 50/60HzL71.4×W16.8×H6.5cmMatte White
COVA-39PC-3030-27063000K9030W120-277VAC 50/60HzL98.2×W16.8×H6.5cmPolished Chrome
COVA-39PC-3040-27064000K9030W120-277VAC 50/60HzL98.2×W16.8×H6.5cmPolished Chrome
COVA-39WH-3030-27063000K9030W120-277VAC 50/60HzL98.2×W16.8×H6.5cmMatte White
COVA-39WH-3040-27064000K9030W120-277VAC 50/60HzL98.2×W16.8×H6.5cmMatte White
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