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Customer service

      • Customer service is an important connection between the company and customer. It answers customer’s question in a short time.

      • With help of sales office, we track customer’s initial availability requirements, order acceptance and confirmation, and delivery, and adhere to the goal of customer satisfaction.

      • By “customer service”, we provide customers with product technology support and information at pre-sales phase,  cooperate with all internal departments at after-sales phase, and become spokesperson of our internal customers.

Lighting consultation

Our lighting consultation team provides support at home and abroad.

Our products are suitable for all people who use lighting. We help them to develop diversified thoughts and requirements. Our goal is to help and support them to develop lighting project at each phase .

      • Estimate investment and energy conservation;

      • Assist in developing lighting technology and concept;

      • Provide support, primary, final and deterministic design at all stages of bid inviting.

Light is a product of art, science and technology. It affects our life and symbolizes our daily life rhythm. Sufficient lighting is critical to the combination of health, aesthetics, function and sustainability in environment.

Zentem Interior Lighting, Visit Lighting Consultation Section!